Firework Safety-Keep Your Home & Family Safe!

Fourth of July is a fun holiday with fireworks and lots of family fun. Getting together with family and friends to celebrate is a precious time.  We all plan to have a safe time but when fireworks are involved, a level of safety has to be considered.  The Platinum Group, Realtors know how important it is to protect your home and family. The best real estate agents in Colorado Springs have a few tips on how to protect your Colorado Springs home and family this 4th of July.

Protecting Your Home

  • Watch for grass fires.  Many families will light lots of smaller fireworks in the yard which is lots of entertainment for the whole family.  Remember to pay close attention to the fire when lighting.  It can cause small fires in your grass, so be prepared by having a bucket of water nearby, hose or fire extinguisher.
  • Protect your concrete.  Kids love snakes, smoke bombs, and other ground fireworks.  Many of these fireworks leave a permanent black mark on your concrete.  Don’t ruin your walkway this holiday, plan ahead and have a non-flammable item to lay your fireworks on before lighting.
  • Clean your gutters prior to setting off fireworks.  Gutters accumulate leaves and debris which can be flammable if a hot firework lands on it.  Keep your gutters cleaned this holiday so if a firework lands on your roof, you have a better chance of keeping your home safe.
  • Watch where you set off your fireworks.  Keep an eye out for limbs, trees, bushes and other vegetation that could catch fire if a firework gets caught.  Fireworks are very hot and if they end up high in a tree, it could start a fire unintentionally.  You can also spray down your bushes with water to be extra safe.
  • Let your fireworks cool off before throwing them away.  It will take awhile for your fireworks to completely cool off.  Don’t immediately throw them in your trashcan.  It is best to wait until the next morning or many hours later.
  • If you are going out of town, ask a neighbor to watch your home.  Fireworks fly far so if one lands in your yard, you want someone on the lookout to protect your home.

Protecting Your Family

  • Never let kids light fireworks.  Fireworks are extremely dangerous and can leave permanent damage if handled incorrectly.  Don’t let young kids light or stand too close to fireworks.  Some fireworks are duds or you may think needs to be relit, which can cause them to go off unexpectantly.  This can result in injury if not watched closely.
  • Pay close attention to teens.  Teens are more able to handle fireworks than younger kids but they can be overly brave.  Make sure they know how to be responsible with them.  Teach them proper lighting etiquette, awareness of their surroundings and awareness of other homes.
  • Don’t let kids pick up fireworks immediately.  Fireworks are very hot for a while after they are done.  Don’t let kids handle them until they have cooled off completely.

You want this holiday to be filled with lasting fun memories.  Keep in mind the safety tips listed above to protect your home and family this 4th of July.  With these few tips we can all help do our part to keep the ones we love and others safe around us.  Happy 4th of July!


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