Mike Pettis and Elizabeth Hammond-Pettis

We had only 72 hours to find a house because we were moving from out of state. We had been in contact with Mike via the Internet so he and his team already had a good idea of what we were looking for. The first day Mike toured us around several neighborhoods so we could identify what we liked. The reason for this, Mike explained, was because he wanted us not only to find the perfect house but also to be happy with the neighborhood. On our last day in CO, we went to see a house that Mike recommended and it was the one!

Due to his hard work, we have the perfect house on the perfect street. It doesn’t matter which window we look out or which door we go out, there is not a thing we would change. Even after we moved, Mike was there for us. The seller didn’t complete all the agreed upon work. Mike was in motion and we received a check from the seller that covered it all. To summarize, Mike MacGuire is a ROCK STAR!

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