7 Tips to Help Spruce Up Your Home While Sheltering in Place

7 Tips to Help Spruce Up Your Home While Sheltering in Place

So many of us are feeling a little cooped up at home during the current shelter-in-place order. And there are still plenty of folks that plan to put their home on the market this spring. Maybe it’s the right time to tackle some home improvement tasks.
While the COVID-19 crisis is keeping a lot of us home, it’s also creating some anxiety. Undertaking some home improvement projects can also provide a good distraction while helping families get their homes fixed up, whether you’re thinking about selling or not.

Some worthwhile projects to help pass the time, in addition to enhancing your surroundings, include:

1. Paint – One of the easiest DIY projects that can also have a big impact. Paint is a tried-and-true way to revitalize any room. Whether you want to brighten up a space or take the mood a shade darker, it can freshen up or transform your home’s interior.
2. Replace old light fixtures – Lighting is everything, and it can make a dramatic difference in your home. From strategic spot lighting or can lights to a statement chandelier or lamp, the light fixtures in your house help set the tone. New lighting can also be budget friendly, from swapping out old fixtures to just buying some new lampshades.
3. Change window treatments – Typically you might not give your curtains or blinds a second thought, but they can also influence the overall style of a room. And you’re not just limited to curtains or blinds; there are at least a dozen different window treatments that you can try.
4. Organize and declutter – Tidying up your space can not only make it brighter and more welcoming; it will make you feel better while at home. Tackle stacks of papers and those closets full of stuff you never use, or go as far as reorganizing your garage or basement.When weather permits, spending time outdoors can be refreshing and relaxing. While minimizing contact with the outside world roll up your sleeves and focus on essential maintenance.
5. Inspect gutters, downspouts and roof – Scoop leaves and major debris out of the gutter and flush smaller debris out with a hose. As the fine materials move with the water, watch the underside of the gutter for leaks and make sure water exits freely through the downspout. It is usually easier and less messy to clean out gutters when there has been no moisture for several days and debris is dry.
6. Clean exterior windows and screens – Ideally, windows should be washed twice a year, but it’s a task most people don’t look forward to. While nobody likes doing it, you will love the result. Don’t use paper towels or newspapers and rub the dirt around though, you get the best cleaning from squeegee’s and soap and water.
7. Spruce up your curb appeal – Give your yard some love by fertilizing the grass for a healthy lawn this year. Add some color to your landscaping with flower beds or colorful shrubs. Power wash your patio or deck to restore their looks in just a matter of minutes. Install outdoor lighting with solar pathway lights or hanging Edison string lights.
There’s an opportunity during this time for things you don’t normally have time for in a pre-coronavirus routine. Not only will you be giving yourself new reasons to enjoy your house again, but you also may increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers.
If you are considering selling your home this year, consult with a local, experienced realtor who is familiar with local market conditions and trends, and can give you timely, expert advice.
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