The Platinum Group, REALTORS® Focus on Community

A commitment to community has been a fundamental value of The Platinum Group, REALTORS® since their inception in 2005, and in countless opportunities since.

A collective love for the city of Colorado Springs and the families that shape it inspires the entire group to contribute time and energy donating, volunteering and supporting local initiatives. They are not just about giving back to the community, but also improving it.


“Our agents are deeply rooted in the Colorado Springs community and our [Platinum Group] family is devoted to investing in this city and its people,” Dean Weissman, a member of the Ownership Team with The Platinum Group, REALTORS® said. “Our agents contribute time, talent and donations to over 70 local organizations; including local churches, non-profits, schools, and homeless shelters.”

Often times you will see the agents rally together for coat drives, food drives as well as participating in volunteer events such as school remodels. See below for a list of local organizations benefiting from involvement from The Platinum Group. 

Firmly immersed within the heart of the city on a daily basis, The Platinum Group team has an understanding of the Pikes Peak region like few others.  While each Platinum Group agent shares a commitment to strengthening the community, even more they cherish the people who make up this vibrant area. 

“With over 80 percent of our overall business coming just from referrals, we've built home-town relationships that have allowed us to connect with wonderful people who do amazing things in this region,” Ed Behr, a member of the Ownership Team said. “Colorado Springs is chock full of world changers and it's an honor to be trusted to serve them during one of their most important family decisions.”

By caring more about relationships and service than the number of transactions they close, Platinum Group agents are excited about enriching the Pikes Peak region by continuing to be servant leaders in the community for years to come.

As an example of community interest, The Platinum Group built out a professionally designed Conference Space located on the third floor of The Platinum Group building. The room will be available to the agents for private gatherings, Christmas parties, customer appreciation events along with company training. Preferred community partners and non-profits are able to reserve the room for meetings and special events as well, at no cost.

“We're a loyal bunch, and we want what's best for the local real estate industry and what's best for families within our community,” Mike MacGuire, a member of the Ownership Team said. “With us, it's not about more business; it's about better business. I know every agent at The Platinum Group feels this way.” 

“In an environment where our local MLS board has grown significantly it would have been very easy to add more offices and hire more agents, but that’s not who we are.” Steve McFarlane, a member of the Ownership Team said. “Our goal is to have the most productive and successful agents in the country, so we chose instead to invest in our existing agents and community by building the space for everyone to use. This space affords a place to learn, grow and get better, which results in serving more clients. The more clients they serve the bigger the footprint and impact they all have in our community - that is what we are most excited about.”  


The Platinum Group is the only Member of the Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS® who has a 100% commitment to contributing $99/agent to the REALTOR® Political Action Committee. This bi-partisan group lobbies to protect everyone’s personal property rights both locally and nationally. 

When local businesses give back, the impact can be long-lasting with wide-ranging effects toward building a stronger community, and The Platinum Group is willing to put their money where their mouth is.

The Platinum Group Local Organization Involvement

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