Don’t Forget To Budget For These Items When Moving

Buying a home in Colorado Springs is a large purchase and one that needs to be planned out.  If you are not sure where to start, make sure you start with a defined budget.  There are several items to include in your moving budget, so you are 100% ready when it is time to move.  These items include closing costs, down payment and home purchasing line items.  Many people have the basic expenses in their budget but commonly forget a few moving expenses.  The best real estate agents in Colorado Springs want you to remember to budget for these 5 items when moving.


Make Sure You Budget For These Items When Moving

Know all the costs before jumping in.  Home buying has more costs involved than just the home loan, so start a budget now.  Getting all costs and knowing how much you will need to have saved will help you become prepared.  The tips below will get you moving in the right direction.


  • Moving Expenses.  Don’t forget to have a budget line for the actual move.  Be prepared to budget to hire a moving company or rental vehicles.  If you are using your own equipment, plan to have enough money to cover the extra gas and food for those helping you move.  Many people use a cleaning company to do a final cleaning once they move or to clean their new home.  Plan to have enough money put back to take care of this expense.  It is nice to have your home move-in ready for the new tenants.


  • Make A Budget For All Loan Costs Involved.   Make sure you include closing costs, inspection cost, escrow, moving costs, and down payment.  Not sure how much to figure in the budget, you can ask one of our team of real estate agents.  We can give you estimate amounts of what to expect so you have enough saved when the time comes.


  • Budget For New Furniture.  Moving into a new space means some of your household furniture may not fit in your new home.  Plan to have enough money saved to customize your new home with the right furniture.  Moving is a great time to get rid of old worn out items and start fresh in a new space.  Plan to have enough set aside so you can make your home feel like home right away.


  • Save For Repairs and Upgrades.  Plan to budget for repairs or upgrades to your new home and existing home.  Upgrades to your new home is not an expense that needs to be addressed immediately.  However, it is one you will want to budget, so you can start customizing your home as soon as possible.  If you are selling your home, make sure you have money set aside to cover any repairs that may come up during the inspection.  Many times repairs will need to be fixed as part of the moving agreement or the new owners may decide to cover the costs once they obtain ownership.  It is best to have money set aside so you are ready if the repairs have to be done prior to selling.


The above tips are ways you can get prepared for your next move, so you are ready when the time comes.   If you still need advice on what you need to budget before purchasing or selling your home, give our team a call.  Our team of experts can assist you.

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