Energy Efficiency Objectives For Homebuyers

According to a recently released study of 3,000 home buyers from the National Association of Home Builders, (NAHB), energy efficiency continues to be a primary objective in homebuyer demands for a new home.

More and more home buyers are seeking homes that include eco-friendly elements and designs. The top green features buyers are looking for in their new home include:

  • Energy Star–rated windows and appliances
  • Efficient lighting that uses less energy than traditional bulbs
  • Energy Star rating for the whole house

The study also shows that the majority of buyers choose to go green when they have the option, such as incorporating passive solar design and durable materials into their homes. In fact, buyers are willing to invest in features that help lower their utility bills, and the average buyer is willing to pay as much as $9,292 more upfront for a home to save $1,000 annually on utility costs.

Newer houses certified by Energy Star, the federal government’s energy-efficiency rating program, use an average of 20 percent less energy than homes built to the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

But using less energy is just the tip of the iceberg. Green certification programs like the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) take it to another level using strict standards for indoor air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and water conservation, along with some other things.

Buyers are even willing to spend extra for green certifications, including more than $2,000 upfront for a home certified to an above-code standard for health and wellness — features that have become increasingly sought after in the wake of COVID-19.

Health and wellness features could include zone heating, appliances that supply purified air (such as fans with ultraviolet-C lighting installed), indoor air quality sensors, and a greater connection to the outdoors. With families spending a lot more time in their homes these days, they are subsequently desiring more from their homes.

Energy conservation may not sound as enticing as a luxury spa bathroom or an inviting backyard living space, but improving health and comfort while also reducing energy bills could help you turn your house into a real oasis.

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