Increase In Remote Workers Spurs Lifestyle Changes

Throughout the ordeals of the past year-plus, many homeowners have come to reassess what they need in a home, especially due to the rise in remote work. Many have found themselves longing for a dedicated home office or even a change in scenery. So, now might be the time to find the home that takes care of your progressive needs.

According to the latest Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate from The Counselors of Real Estate (CRE), many homebuyers are taking advantage of their recent flexibility: “…after years of apparent but variant trends towards urbanization, the pandemic universally caused a movement away from urban cores, particularly for those with higher incomes who could afford to move and for lower-income individuals seeking lower costs of living.”

Simply put, the pandemic has changed how we live our day-to-day life. The ongoing rise in remote work means a portion of the workforce no longer needs to be tied to a specific area for work. Instead, it gives those workers more flexibility when it comes to where they can live.

The anxiety and questions about living through a pandemic has motivated families to consider what they really want in a home, and in a lifestyle. For some, that was having a bigger living space and for others it meant moving to the country or the mountains. For the first time, the support of remote work made those aspirations achievable.

Before the pandemic, it’s estimated that only around 21 percent of workers were remote. However, a survey of hiring managers organized by Statista and Upwork forecasts 37.5 percent of U.S. workers will work remotely in some capacity over the next five years.

Approximately 23 percent of workers are expected to remain 100 percent remote. Which means they can move to a lower cost-of-living area or to a location they’ve always dreamed of. A home in a more affordable area could mean more house for your money, as well as more options for a dedicated office space or more breathing room. Or you could move to a place you’ve always dreamed of near the mountains, or maybe just somewhere with better amenities. Without being tied to a specific location for work, many folks can relocate to their ideal setting.

The almost 15 percent who will have a partially remote or hybrid schedule, could choose to relocate to a home further away from the office because they won’t be going into work every day. A longer commute could be a worthwhile cost for a home with more features, space, or comforts.

If you’ve found that what you’re looking for in a home has changed, it may be time to talk to a real estate professional to start prioritizing your home needs.

Working with a local Realtor verifies that you have the expertise and experience of a professional with the resources and knowledge to find the right home and lifestyle for your family.

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