Is Your Yard Ready for Sale?

The selling season has already kicked into high gear, and offering an outdoor space that is attractive to buyers will go a long way in helping your home sell. While the home’s interior often takes center stage, your home’s exterior gives the first impression when potential buyers arrive. In addition, a well-appointed backyard may seal the deal if potential buyers are on the fence.

When you’re thinking about how to boost your homes outdoor living spaces, here are five points to take into consideration:

1. Lifestyle needs.

Think about how people tend to use the yard and plant accordingly. For instance, does it need plenty of shade on hot summer days, does it have a grassy area for kids and pets, and how comfortable is it to lounge around with friends and family?

2. Think about the climate

Selecting climate-appropriate plants is necessary in Colorado. Buyers don’t want a yard with trees, shrubs or flowers that require a ton of maintenance or constant replacement. The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map indicates which grasses, shrubs, and trees are most likely to succeed in a specific location, and local nurseries and garden centers have experts on hand to help.

3. Pet’s

So many families have pets it’s essential to consider their needs as well. A fenced area is obvious, but also soft, but sturdy foliage is great for heavily-trafficked areas. Also, talk to experts about which plants are dangerous to pets so you can avoid those easily.

4. Pollinators & wildlife

Climate-appropriate, pollen-rich flowers help nourish pollinators, while also creating a vibrant outdoor atmosphere everyone will love. Seasonal colors will make the landscape pop, and flats of annuals are relatively inexpensive. You might choose to go for several colors or maybe a more monochromatic scheme.

5. Staging

Showcase how the space will be used, including setting outdoor tables, having a barbecue grill set up, and other touches that show people can “live” in the space. Power-wash any dirty surfaces and make grungy or grimy surfaces look brand new.

Arrange the yard to set up areas for different uses. For example, you might set up benches or a hammock in a back corner for a quiet seating area. Leave an open area in the middle of the backyard to show potential buyers there is room for playing or entertaining.


Getting the best deal out of your home sale means doing everything right from the start. A professional Realtor can identify and eliminate all of these issues while helping sellers confidently navigate the transaction and saving sellers thousands of dollars.

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