It’s Lawn & Garden Month

Spring weather is on its way and April is National Lawn & Garden month. April is also the best time to start up your spring lawn care routine so you can have a beautiful yard that you can enjoy all summer long. Many of our homes for sale in Colorado Springs feature beautiful backyards that feature gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. The Platinum Group, REALTORS want to make sure you can enjoy these beautiful views with an equally beautiful backyard. To celebrate National Lawn & Garden Month, the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs have 6 tips for you to keep in mind this spring so you can have the best-looking lawn on the block this summer.

Water In The Early Morning

It’s best to water your lawn during the coolest part of the day, which is the early morning. While it is also cool in the evenings, watering the lawn at night doesn’t allow the water droplets to evaporate, which could cause lawn disease. In addition to watering in the morning, it’s also best to water the lawn less often, but for longer periods of times to promote roots growing deep into the ground.

Mow Regularly

Start mowing your lawn as soon as it needs it and continue mowing as often as it takes to keep it between 3-4 inches – this is usually about once a week. Keep in mind though, it’s important not to cut your lawn too short, as that could be just as damaging as letting it grow too tall.


The type of grass you have in your lawn will affect how and when you should fertilize your lawn. If you have cool-season grasses, don’t heavily fertilize your lawn in the spring. This will encourage rapid tender growth that will struggle to survive during the heat of the summer. If your cool-season lawn is in bad shape, fertilize lightly in the spring with a slow-releasing fertilizer. Save the heavier feedings for fall when cool-season grasses are at their peak growing season. If you have a warm-season grass, fertilize in the late spring as soon as the lawn gets nice and green and begins to actively grow. This is usually after the last frost in April or May.

Use Weed Control

Both cool and warm season kinds of grass can benefit from weed control during the spring months. It’s best to use a pre-emergent weed control during the spring to prevent the seeds from germinating. The best way to control weeds is to eliminate them before they start to grow.  Keeping the weeds out of your grass helps it not only look good but it keeps it healthy too.


The best time to aerate your lawn depends on the type of grass is in your yard. For warm-season grasses, it’s best to aerate in the early to mid-summer. For cool-season grasses, aeration is best saved for the fall, however, it can be repeated in the springtime if the soil is extremely compacted. It’s best to wait until the lawn has been mowed two or three times in the season so you know it will recover from the aeration.


In the spring, you will need to decide if you want to focus on weed control or lawn seeding. Pre-emergent herbicides prevent grass seed from sprouting as well, so you can’t do both. The herbicide usually last up to 12 weeks, which means you’ll miss the spring planting season.

If your focus is on filling in bare spots or establishing a new lawn, then follow these steps depending on the type of grass you have. If you have cool-season grasses, they can be planted as soon as the temperature is in the 60s and soil temperatures are in the 50s. Plant as soon as temperatures allow the seedlings a chance to get established before the hot weather hits. Fall is typically the better time to plant cool-season grasses, so use the spring months for patching bare spots and be prepared to keep your lawn well-watered during the summer. Warm-season grasses can be planted when air temperatures are in the 70 and soil temperatures are in the 60s. It’s important to make sure the danger of frost has passed. Late spring is the best time to plant warm-season grasses.

Find Your Dream Home This Spring

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll have a healthier lawn you can enjoy all summer long. If you are in search of a new home in Colorado Springs with beautiful views of mountains or the city from your backyard, The Platinum Group, REALTORS can help. Just call the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs or visit our website to see how we can help you!


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