Moving? Get Organized-Part Two

Last week, we covered part one of our Get Organized blog.  We covered many items to accomplish before moving out of your existing home. Today we will continue our blog with more tips to help reduce stress and to stay organized while planning your move.  The tips we will cover today will help keep you organized as you move into your new home. Having the right plan can greatly reduce the stress when it comes to your next move. There are many factors that go into moving, so it is important to be organized. The best real estate agents in Colorado Springs have a few tips to help reduce stress during your next move.  Today we will feature part two of our getting organized for your move.


Last week we covered many items to tackle to move out of your current home.  Today’s blog will feature tasks to accomplish as you get ready to move into your new home.  We recommend creating a task list needed with due dates to help keep you organized.  The due dates will also help you stay on top of deadlines so nothing is overlooked. Here are some items to include in your list:

  • Tackle repairs on your new home before moving in.  There may be a few items found during the inspection that you will want to fix prior to moving into your new home.  If this is the case, schedule someone to fix the areas.  You will have a set closing date on your new home so make sure you get on their schedule to ensure there are no delays with the moving process.
  • Confirm delivery dates on new furniture or appliances.  Sometimes our old furniture doesn’t always fit in a new home or you need more furniture.  Either way, if you have ordered new items for your home, make sure you have the delivery dates confirmed and ready to go for move-in day.
  • Schedule any services to be performed on the house.  If you plan to have the house cleaned, carpets cleaned or any repairs, call to get it scheduled now.  Many people want to know the house they are moving into is professionally cleaned.  If you are taking care of this tasks, schedule it now so you can get on their schedule.
  • Call all utility companies to schedule them to turn on your services.  If you were able to transfer your service, then this should have been taken care of.  Otherwise, you will need to call the utility companies and schedule the exact day to turn on your services.  Don’t forget about trash service, electric, water, etc.
  • Create a list for move-in day.  Have a list ready of items to accomplish the day you move in.  It may be the repairs done at a certain time, house cleaned, moving company delivery time or a group of friends scheduled to help.  Create a list so you know what should be done and at what time. It is best to also include contact information on this list just in case you lose it somewhere in the move.  Also, since you are going to be busy on move-in day, have a game plan to tackle meals for those helping.  Make sure to also have some snacks available and a cooler with cold drinks.  It is a busy day and it may be hard to find the items you packed so have some ready for everyone helping on the big day.

Moving is a big event for many people.  With jobs, families, animals and other external life factors to deal with that keep us busy, moving can seem overwhelming.  The items mentioned above are all tips that can be done when moving to your new home.  Follow our tips to stay organized during your move and hopefully your next move will seem more manageable.

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