Real Estate During a Pandemic

With the current COVID-19 outbreak, real estate professionals are forced to be a little more creative with selling homes. Buyers and sellers don’t want to come in contact with each other and sellers prefer not to have unknown visitors walking through their homes while coronavirus is spreading.

However, many buyers are revealing that they are still interested in purchasing a home, and while home showings may be paused for now, the demand for digital home showings has become the new standard.

Home sales are continuing to happen across the nation because Realtors have adapted hastily, and according to Redfin it seems to be effective.

In fact, they announced a 494 percent increase in requests for agent-led video home tours last week, following an 80% increase the week prior.

Emerging technology and ever-changing homebuyer demographics have been influencing all aspects of the real estate industry for years. Proving to be increasingly tech savvy, Realtors have adapted by ditching the traditional office environments, utilizing drones for photo’s, implementing electronic signature capabilities, as well as showing homes through virtual tours.

Technology has been a wonderful addition to the real estate industry, but it has not and will not replace the real estate agent. In order to provide the best possible service to clients, it’s imperative that industry professionals stay on the cutting edge of the new and emerging trends.

Although their role has changed from information and data supplier to local market expert and service provider, the functions of Realtors is still a key component to the most successful experiences. Technology will never be able to replace the relationship with your Realtor that provides crucial regional knowledge and skill in negotiating through a very emotional experience.

The abundance of information at their fingertips has empowered buyers and sellers to do much of their own research and data gathering. However, many of these sites are full of inaccurate information. In addition, all of that data is meaningless without someone who knows how to translate it effectively and apply it successfully to each individual situation.

An experienced agent explores beyond the data to expertly guide their client in the best possible outcome for their needs.

The way things are during the pandemic won’t last forever, but at the end of all this, things won’t go back to the way they were either. However, developing a trusting and solid relationship with your Realtor will continue to be the number one chance at positive real estate transactions.

If you’re unsure about getting into the market during this time, first consult with a local, experienced Realtor who is familiar with local market conditions and trends.

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