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We are almost 2 weeks into the New Year and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. A new year means a fresh start. Whether you just moved into a brand-new home in Colorado Springs, or you are wanting to declutter and organize your current home, The Platinum Group, REALTORS are here to help. The best real estate agents in Colorado Springs have some stress-reducing tips to help you get your home organized and tidy. Don’t worry, this process isn’t as overwhelming as it might seem.

Too Much Stuff

The first and probably most obvious step is to get rid of any clutter. When you have TOO much stuff it can become overwhelming and it makes it difficult to find items you need. Your favorite bag or pair of shoes may get lost in a messy closet, your useful kitchen gadget may get lost in a drawer of spatulas, spoons, and who knows what else. Organizing these areas, once they’re free of clutter, is actually easier than you think.

I Don’t Have Time To Organize

“Not having time” is one of the top reasons that people don’t get their home organized. Hey, we get it! There are so many hours in a day and we have to dedicate a majority of those hours to work, family, school, community events, and any other commitments. There’s also bound to be something going on.

While many people dream about labeled pantry food items, organized closets, and a family calendar, the truth is that there is often little time each day to organize or even clean the house. The best way to manage this issue is to reduce. Eliminating clutter is the best thing to do in order to create more time for yourself and your family. When you have less clutter, you spend less time cleaning it and less time putting things away.

Toys Are Taking Over

One of the biggest home organization issues for parents is their kids not picking up their toys. This may be an easy fix. Teaching your children simple organization skills early and having a certain place for them to put their toys away can help with this problem.

  • Use bins to hold the toys. Whether they are made from canvas or they are metal wire bins, this is a great tool to keep toys organized and picked up. Each bin should be used for a specific type of toy to keep things organized.
  • To make things even more organized, you can put labels on each bin to identify what types of toys get stored in that bin. If children are not of reading age yet, you can print out pictures of the specific toys and tape them to the front of the bins.

Not only does this help keep things organized, but kids will know exactly where to find the toy they are looking for.

New Year, New Home

It’s a new year and you have a clean slate. If organizing and decluttering your house is on your to-do list, we hope these tips from The Platinum Group, REALTORS helps. If buying a new home in Colorado Springs is on your New Year’s Resolution list, the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs can help. Visit our website or give us a call today. We can help you find your dream home.

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