Things To Keep In Mind If You’re House Hunting During Winter

It’s wintertime and while most people would prefer not to buy a home during the winter months, now is actually a great time to shop for a new home. The Platinum Group, REALTORS know that looking at potential homes during the winter really allows you to see both the good and the bad. The best real estate agents in Colorado Springs have a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a new home in Colorado Springs during the winter months.

You’ll See the Home at Its “Worst”

To be honest, no matter how beautiful a home is, it doesn’t always show the best in the winter. It’s dark and cold out, the grass is usually dead, and the curb appeal may not be at its best. While it may sound pretty awful, it’s actually great news for a buyer. This is when you can see all of the flaws of the house. During the winter months when the trees are bare you can really see how much privacy the house may or may not have. You’ll be able to see if there are any leaky windows, or if the house has drafty windows or doors. This will let you see the house at its worst and you can decide if it will work for you. Of course, once spring and the warm weather roll around, the grass will come back to life and flowers will be blooming. All of this will enhance the home.

You Can Always Ask for Other Photos

Odds are that the listing agent got both interior and exterior photos during warmer months to really showcase the house and outside areas. Even if the house was listed in the dead of winter, they will want to promote the home and it’s selling features from better months. If the actual listing doesn’t have any of the photos, always ask! This will leave you with fewer surprises when spring rolls around.

If the home has any features like a pool that can’t be inspected during the winter months, you should request that they leave money in escrow or extend the timeframe for closing. When the warm weather rolls around, you can inspect those features to be sure they are in good working condition and free of any damage. Unless the seller provides a disclosure about some part of the pool not working, they are usually responsible for fixing any issues. If everything is fine once inspected, the funds will be released.

Documentation Is Important

When the ground is frozen, or even covered in snow, it can prohibit certain inspections from taking place. If for some reason, you can’t inspect every feature or get escrow funds negotiated, ask for documentation. The plumbers and pool company should all have records on file, you can request documentation showing that everything was shut down properly. You can even ask to meet with the tradespeople who did the work. With this type of work, you can never be too careful.

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While the winter months are colder and not ideal for walking around touring houses, it can be a great time to buy a home. Winter may not be most buyers first choice when buying a home, but the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs know that there are benefits that go along with buying a winter during the “off-season”. If you are looking for a new home in Colorado Springs, contact The Platinum Group, REALTORS. When you hire an agent from the best team of realtors in Colorado Springs, you know they will be with you every step of the way. Visit our website to learn more: www.PlatinumHomeSales.com

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