Three Ways to Protect Yourself While Selling Your Home

Putting your home up for sale and the necessities of marketing your home, having your address and property details listed on the multiple listing service (MLS) and hosting open houses, increases your risk for property and identity theft.

According to safety research experts Safewise, a burglary happens in the U.S. about every 18 seconds. In addition, you’re opening up your house to strangers and a for-sale sign in the yard is like an invitation to some burglars.

It’s a good idea to consider extra precautions during your home sale. Some tips and tricks can help you secure your property and protect your privacy.

1. Staging

Staging is a well-known tactic used by Realtors to help your home sell faster. But staging doesn’t just make your house look better, it’s also a great way to hide away any items that shouldn’t be left out during an open house. Items like prescription medications, jewelry, and collectibles should be put away and kept safe someplace buyers won’t have access to. Also make sure any keys and remote openers for the property are not left out.

2. Protect Your Identity

The same way you hide away any valuables, you also want to make sure you don’t display any personal information. Some of the information left floating around our homes can compromise your safety. Keeping mail, bills, and credit card information out of sight helps make sure no one can access your personal account information.

3. Technology and devices

Make certain any devices, like tablets or phones, are securely stored along with being sure they are all password-protected – just in case one does get left out in the open. Also remove everything that has passwords written down, including Wi-Fi passwords. And finally, don’t forget to also password protect all desktop computers and smart TVs.

Even after doing everything you can to secure your home, it doesn’t hurt to consider installing a security camera or two. A couple of cameras not only give you more peace of mind, they also provide the idea that more sets of eyes are watching as buyers walk through your home.

“It is a really good idea for sellers to check their home after a showing, ensuring all exterior doors and windows are locked and the home is left the way it was when they left,” Skip Johnson with The Platinum Group, Realtors said. “We ask buyer agents to leave a card before leaving a property, but sometimes this is forgotten. It’s always a good idea to check the home regardless.”

Putting your home on the market shouldn’t have to be a scary experience, so it’s also essential to have a real estate professional you can trust. Since most real estate agents encourage homeowners to leave during open houses, make sure you’re comfortable with the information your agent is sharing about your property.

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