Winter Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Warmer months, especially the summer season is often times viewed as the best time to buy or sell a house. While it may be more enjoyable to view homes when it’s warmer out, The Platinum Group, REALTORS knows that winter home selling has its benefits and perks. The best real estate agents in Colorado Springs know that it’s important that your home stands out, especially during the winter months when there may be fewer buyers. If you’re wanting to sell your Colorado Springs home, check out these things you’ll want to avoid when putting your home on the market.

Don’t Forget The Heat

Let’s face it, if you’re selling your home during the winter months, you may be tempted to not crank up the heat as much as you normally would. Maybe you prefer to keep your home on the cooler side for personal reasons, or maybe you are looking for ways to save some money while staging your home. The heat should not be something that is neglected.

Benefits to turning up your thermostat a few degrees:

Potential buyers will stay longer – if your home is chilly, potential buyers will not want to stick around to see what your home has to offer. However, if it’s cold outside and your house is warm, they are more likely to stick around.

Lowers the noise – some furnaces can be a little noisy and distracting. If your thermostat is turned up a few degrees, your furnace won’t have to cycle as frequently and the sound will be kept to a minimum.

Make Sure To Clear Walkways

If you live in an area that gets snow during the winter months, you’ll want to make sure that your paths and walkways are completely clear and accessible, especially the path that leads to the front door. When it comes down to your home’s curb appeal, it isn’t all about looks, it’s also about making your home easy to approach.

Ways to make your home easily approachable:

Create a path – shovel a path to make sure people can easily get to the front door. The best time to create a path is when the snow is falling. Footprints that are created in snow can easily melt and turn to ice.

Don’t forget the sand or salt – you can find weather salt or sand at most stores. This can easily be sprinkled on driveways and walkways to prevent people from slipping and to prevent ice from forming.

Don’t forget the sidewalk – even though the street isn’t technically your responsibility, it’s helpful if you create a path from the road up to your door. Most people will be parking on the street and nothing is more frustrating than stepping out of your car into a pile of snow.

Rubber mats are your new friend – having a rubber mat at your front door is a good idea year-round. From snow and ice to dirt and mud, rubber mats can handle it all. You might also want to create an area where potential buyers can hang coats and place umbrellas.

Don’t Create The Wrong Mood

Staging the home is an important step and can have a large impact on potential home buyers. If you create the wrong mood for your house, you can potentially scare off many buyers.

Keep these things in mind:

Lighting – you want as much light as possible, so turn on all the lights and open all of the blinds. You’ll also want to brighten any dark rooms.

Smell – smell is one of our most powerful senses, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t go overboard with the “smell” things. You won’t know if people are sensitive to certain smells, so it’s best to stick to the basics.

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Winter may not be most people’s first choice when buying or selling a home, but the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs know that there are benefits that go along with buying or selling your home during the “off-season”. If you are looking for a new home in Colorado Springs, contact The Platinum Group, REALTORS. When you hire an agent from the best team of realtors in Colorado Springs, you know they will be with you every step of the way. Visit our website to learn more: www.PlatinumHomeSales.com

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