5 Tips to Help Sell Your Fixer Upper

5 Tips to Help Sell Your Fixer Upper

There are a variety of reasons for selling a fixer-upper. Maybe you inherited an old family home, or you acquired a project you no longer have the time or energy for, or for some reason, you have to leave a home you expected to have more time with.
If you own such a home, you are the proud owner of a fixer-upper.
Don’t get worried, not every home is perfect, and in every real estate market, there is buyers looking for a good deal. Often buyers see fixer-upper homes as advantageous because they are getting a good deal and they have the freedom to put their own touch on the house.
The following tips can help make selling your fixer-upper less of a drag:

Find a great realtor

Using a local, experienced real estate agent is critical. “Even in a market like we’re seeing now, preparing your home is still the best way to go,” Renee Behr, with The Platinum Group, REALTORS® said. “Buyers are not interested in homes that look uninviting.”

Highlight the advantages of your home

Although the home requires some repairs and restoring, that doesn’t mean it’s all about the problems. Every house has attractive features that buyers will find want. Focus on the positive points of your home, like its history or solid structure.

The Right price

The best way to get a good idea of your home’s value is to work with an experienced realtor who is familiar with the community and the local market. They have the tools and resources, as well as the familiarity to know what price point to set from the start. You can also consider asking a qualified home appraiser to give you an estimate.

Clean Up Your Home

While your home may be in need of renovation, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to keep the yard and rooms dirty or messy. This will put off prospective buyers. Make your curb appeal stand out, de-clutter, de-personalize and stage your home to look its best for potential buyers.
“If the house isn’t clean and orderly, buyers won’t spend much time looking,” Behr said. “Buyers have ruled out even viewing the inside of a home based on the exterior look.”

Cosmetic Changes

Even though the house is a fixer-upper, it still helps to make some minor improvements. Painting walls, replacing broken fixtures and switches, repairing leaky faucets, and even patching cracked drywall can go a long way in helping buyers see the potential.
“It’s hard to overcome a first impression,” Behr said. “Preparing ahead of time helps ensure that we are presenting each property in the best light, right from the start.”
While selling a house is seldom stress-free, selling a fixer-upper can be even more demanding. It’s almost certain your fixer-upper will undergo a home inspection so it’s in your best interest to be upfront about its condition.
It’s also important to reach a broad audience, so working closely with a realtor can help accomplish this undertaking. It’s a bit tougher to find the right buyer for a fixer-upper, so the best marketing approaches will give you a leg up.
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