Quick & Easy Deep Cleans for Your Home Part 2

Are you preparing to sell your Colorado Springs home or did you just recently move into a new home? Chances are your home could use a few deep cleans. Let’s face it though, who really has the time to deep clean their home from top to bottom? And if you have any free time, who wants to spend it all cleaning their home? No one. The Platinum Group, REALTORS know how important time is and the last thing some people will want to do is spend their free time cleaning their house. Well, you’re in luck. The best real estate agents in Colorado Springs have a list of deep cleans you can do that don’t require the whole day. Check out our final tips that will get your home feeling like new in no time!

Refresh Your Shower & Bath Fixtures

Let’s face it, your shower head and bath faucets are oftentimes overlooked when we are cleaning. But slowly and over time, mineral deposits and calcium will build up in and on your showerhead and cause it to clog. Your showerhead will also look spotty and dirty. You can give your shower and bath a nice deep clean by submerging your faucets and showerhead in a zipper storage bag that is filled with warm, white vinegar. Keep in mind that you’ll want to fill the bag enough so the fixtures are completely submerged. You can secure the bags on the faucets and showerhead with a zip tie. Let soak and then remove the bag. Your shower will look brand new.

Show Your Window Treatments Some Love

Window treatments can be pretty costly, so it’s important to keep them fresh and looking their best. Protecting your investment is always a good idea. You can vacuum your window treatments with a soft brush attachment. This will help remove any lint and dust that may have built up over time. Certain window treatments may require professional cleaning, so it’s always a good idea to check the fabric care label. Some window treatments you will be able to make at home, but it’s always a good idea to double check before doing so. You don’t even have to wash your window treatments to freshen them up. You can give them a good steam or ironing and they will look as good as new.

Say Goodbye to Baseboard Dust

We know, we know. Those baseboards are the last thing you want to dust. Bending over and cleaning the baseboards is quite the chore. You can go over them with your vacuum or a stiff broom to break up that first layer of dust. After that, wipe them until they’re clean with a mixture of warm water and a splash of vinegar. Once you wipe them down, dry them off with a clean, soft cloth. You can even go over them with a dryer sheet once they’re dry to reduce dust buildup in the future.

Clean Your HVAC Vents

When you think about it, your HVAC system is solely responsible for the air you breathe in your home. Don’t you want that air to be clean and pure? That means you will need to regularly dust your HVAC vents. Dust the vents with a damp cloth. Then dab car wax onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the vents down. To give it an extra clean, use a knife that is wrapped with the cloth into the crevices. The wax coating will help prevent dust buildup in the future.

Your Colorado Springs Home Experts

When it comes to all things real estate, The Platinum Group, REALTORS are here for you. We understand that a home is a big investment and we want to make sure your investment is well taken care of. We hope our list of quick deep cleans help you save time all while keeping your home in tip-top shape. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, contact the best real estate agents in Colorado Springs. With us, you’ve got a Platinum Option.

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