The One Thing That Always Kills the Sale of a Home

Before you put a home on the market, it’s reasonable to spend some time and money getting it to look it’s best for potential buyers. However, even if your home looks great, if you don’t get this one thing right, buyers won’t be interested.

It all centers around the smell, and unfortunately too many home sellers don’t pay enough attention to this detail. The smell is the first thing a house hunter notices when they step foot inside a home, and if it’s unpleasant, that odor can kill the sale, no matter how beautiful the home

Some of us get so used to the odors of our own homes we can’t even smell them ourselves. It doesn’t hurt to ask a trusted friend or relative to come by and be honest with you about the odor of your home. Real estate professionals will also tell you that one of the best ways to conjure warm thoughts about a home is to enhance the fragrance of the home.

Giving surfaces a good scrubbing, along with washing rugs and bedding, is a good first step toward achieving a clean, fresh aroma. However, serious home sellers need to dig deeper to ensure they’ve knocked out all of the offending smells.

Some of the worst offenders for home buyers include pet odors. It’s typical for pet owners to become accustomed to their pet smells and not realize it has become repellent. Cigarette smoke is another smell that tops the list of offensive odors, and it can be one of the hardest to remove from your home.

Real estate professionals offer some of the following tips:

1. Clean the fridge.

Cleaning out the refrigerator is crucial when listing a home for sale. Not only can it be a significant contributor of bad odors, home buyers are sure to take a look inside when viewing the home. Leaving a fresh box of baking soda on a shelf can also help remove any lingering odors.

2. Carpet cleaning.

Carpets and rugs can really trap bad smells that vacuuming just can’t touch. Having the carpets and rugs shampooed or steam-cleaned, particularly prior to an open house, is the only way to be sure the smells have been vanquished.

3. Baking.

Freshly baked cookies or bread right before a home showing provides a lovely scent that seems to stick in the buyers’ mind after they leave. These smells provoke pleasant thoughts and arouse warm, cozy feelings about the home.

4. Ozone machine.

Eradicating some smells can mean sealer, new paint, or even new carpet. An ozone machine carefully placed in a home for a few days can do wonders for taking a lot of the smell out by destroying the spores and bacteria that cause these tough smells.

Remedying odor issues before your house goes on the market, even if it involves repainting and re-flooring, will almost always cost less than adjusting your sales price to accommodate the funk.

An experienced professional will provide specific advice to home sellers about what would make their house more marketable, including downsizing of house furniture, yard cleanup, and painting, as well as eliminating odors.

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