Tarema Riddle

In a city oversaturated with real estate agents, Tarema enjoys the real estate profession because of the challenges in today’s market. She understands the value of teamwork between her and her clients, as well as the importance of integrity from the beginning of a transaction and well beyond closing. Tarema prides herself on fighting for her clients and getting the job done with 24/7 availabilit…y. She builds long term relationships with her clients and provides exceptional customer services by pursuing strong negotiating skills, integrity, and thorough communication. Tarema keeps in complete contact every step of the way. Focusing on a lot of attention by working with referral business, it is easy to see how many great relationships have been established over the years.

Tarema moved from Arizona in 2004 to this beautiful state of Colorado. Coming from the heat she really has an appreciation for everything that Colorado Springs has to offer. Tarema loves hitting the slopes on her snowboard, golfing, hiking on the trails, rock climbing, biking, and believe it or not doing the incline on the weekends.
When Tarema was 21 she decided to get into real estate and purchase a property. Before jumping into buying her first foreclosure she decided to take several classes/seminars to learn about the process. Tarema knew the only way to learn was to get out there and try it firsthand. She learned a lot about dealing with good/bad contractors, time management, and not to sweat the small stuff. Unfortunately the property was suppose to be a fix and flip. At that time (2008) there was no flipping just fixing. Tarema lived in the property for 5 years and then decided to turn it into a rental for a year. Decided it was time to sell in 2015 when the housing market came alive. Tarema sold the investment property receiving 7 offers in 2 days.

Moving to a new location can be overwhelming for all sorts of reasons. Whether you’re starting a new job, moving for retirement, or looking for a vacation home, you need professional advice to help you navigate your neighborhood-to-be, find the best home for your needs, and make the most informed decision. Let Tarema Underwood make your move easier with her expert realty services. She’s sure to find the home you will love.
There are so many things to think about when buying a home that you may not even realize. That’s why Tarema would love to help you make sure that all bases are covered and you are making the right decision. She will make the process as painless as possible because of her willingness to go above and beyond for you. Don’t do the hard work by yourself.

Community engagement is very important to Tarema and is involved with local organizations and group committees. She is a member and volunteer for the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors, Young Professionals Network, the Colorado Association of Realtors, and the Colorado Springs Rescue Mission.

When it comes to real estate, the MacGuire team has experience, dedication, hard work and enthusiasm. We listen carefully to your needs, because raising the bar and surpassing your expectations is our goal. The MacGuire team continuously goes the extra mile to protect your best interests. We understand the emotional aspects of moving and what is often a stressful and complex process becomes gratifying and enjoyable. With a staff of experts at your side, you can rest assured your needs will be met and ultimately exceeded. It’s this unified approach that ensures you will receive the personal attention and professional service you expect and deserve at all times.

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Tarema Riddle

What People Are Saying About Tarema ...
  • We first met Tarema Underwood via phone as my wife and I were both stationed in Washington State and were scheduled to move to Colorado. During the 4-6 months leading up to our move, Tarema did such a phenomenal job not only reassuring us that all would be well once we had arrived, but answered all the questions we had (such as distance to and from Fort Carson, best school districts for our three kids- High School down to Preschool, pro’s and con’s of the different areas in Monument and Colorado Springs, etc.) and more. Once we arrived, she had at least 75 houses prepped and ready for us to view. What impressed us even more than that, was her HONESTY and PATIENCE with every single house we viewed. Even after seeing all 75 or so houses and wanting more, her demeanor seemed to be the exact same as when we first met over the phone- cool, calm, and collective. It was clear to us that her desire was not to hurry up and make a sell, but to ensure we found the best possible place for our family- even if it meant purchasing something at the very bottom of our budget. Even when we thought we found the best place available, Tarema would give us a few pertinent pointers to consider which helped us avoid a potential disaster in the long run. When it came time to make an offer, Tarema was there for it all (which really helped ease much of the tension and stress of the process). We are forever indebted to her for what she did in helping us find a remarkable home…She is truly a blessing and we wish every State the Army sends us to we could take her with us for she truly is a “Real Estate Angel in Disguise!